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Schools and colleges are renowned for having a wide range of different kit from different manufacturers and of varying ages at their sites.

Our holistic energy management platform allows end customers to bring the monitoring and control of these contrasting systems onto a common dashboard platform to make management of assets far easier.

We give building managers the tools to take control of their HVAC systems and proprietary Building Management Systems, access them remotely and set up automated schedules to protect against energy overspend in an industry where budgets are key.

By default, we look to work with existing site plant and equipment to create solutions which maximise what is there, extends the lifecycle of older equipment and only opts for a rip and replace approach when it is absolutely necessary.

The control we give is critical to allowing heating and cooling equipment to only be operational at times when external temperatures and occupancy dictates this should be the case to avoid long periods of time where energy is being consumed without comfort gains.

The big wins include:

Remote monitoring and control of boiler systems to achieve significant gas savings
An ability to quickly toggle between term time and non-term time plant operation
Tracking energy consumption by building to identify savings opportunities
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The installation has helped the college moderate its energy consumption through the provision of efficient control and monitoring systems.

We have been delighted with the partnership arrangement and it made obtaining ISO50001 accreditation far more attainable. I only wish we had discovered this solution sooner.

Finance Bursar

Cheltenham College

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