Multi-tenanted commercial buildings

We’ve become a popular choice for building managers aiming to improve their estates thanks to one clear advantage, the ability to implement a single, common energy management platform across multiple buildings.

We give building managers simple-to-use scheduling tools and easy-to-interpret monitoring dashboards – with alarming capabilities – to help them work more proactively, drive energy-savings programmes and manage on-site issues remotely.

The big wins include:

Monitoring of energy consumption by floor or building area to understand tenant breakdown
Monitoring of HVAC systems to allow remote fault investigation, diagnosis and proactive maintenance
Monitoring of environmental conditions across buildings to ensure contracted tenant agreements are met when suitable
Control of all HVAC equipment on a common scheduling tool to maximise energy savings optimise tenant comfort.
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We have now access to minute-by-minute remote data at the sites. This not only aids our contractors with fault diagnosis but also helps us to provide cost evidence to end users. I have data from profilers to check electricity submeter data, especially when queried by clients. We have occupancy records to assist us fine tuning on and off periods for HVAC.

All in all, this is the best value programme we have run in terms of ROI and payback terms. It provides the best value analytics I have found and is so flexible for plant type, configuration or any other parameter I could ever need.

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