Gyms are heavily reliant on cooling and ventilation systems to keep their members happy during their workouts.

Our automated control system makes this easy and intuitive for gym managers. We can set up smart commands to ensure these systems are on when they need to be to keep users happy and off when they need to be to keep energy bills under control. Settings are adjusted in real-time when pre-agreed environmental trigger points dictate.

Our suite of environment sensors are key in these spaces. We can monitor temperature, occupancy, humidity, CO2 and other detailed air quality metrics to keep these facilities under close supervision and manage the spaces accordingly.

The big wins include:

Ensuring equipment is turned off during overnight closures
Aligning air conditioning schedules to class timetables and gym occupancy profiles
Controlling ventilation systems based on CO2 data
Reading data from HVAC systems to give early indicators of maintenance issues
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SmarterDM has an innovative approach to energy demand management. They are the only company we came across which offered an integrated hardware and software solution which also utilised data from our existing hardware and physical equipment. By linking all energy and maintenance data in a single portal, the SmarterEDM solution has not only driven significant energy cost reduction but also allowed us to reduce maintenance charges across the estate through changing from a time-based maintenance regime too much more of a PPM maintenance strategy.

Head of Facilities

UK Leisure Sector

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