Fast-moving consumer goods

Our agile approach to data collection and flexible software platform allow us to quickly gather the meaningful data and present it in a format that’s easy to understand and act upon.

We have a proven track record in energy monitoring with our own proprietary energy profiling hardware because we know that to manage your operation effectively, you first need to monitor it.

The data we can provide gives a deeper insight into energy consumption at your sites, giving you the right information to make changes that produce significant reductions.

Importantly, we work with what you have at site. We take data from existing systems, equipment and devices and bring this together onto one platform while offering ways to gather additional data if needed.

The big wins include:

Breaking down energy consumption data at a large site to granular levels (e.g. by building, equipment type or individual process). This allows for better management of costs and identification of savings opportunities
Use of different methods to capture data (e.g. connecting to existing on-site devices or installing new energy monitoring hardware)
Expanding the platform to also handle other important business data from third-party systems (e.g. air flow meter data or production data).
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