Smarter Panel Heater

Panel heaters are notorious for high energy consumption and being a difficult piece of heating equipment to control remotely.

This was a challenge lots of our customers in the hospitality sector were facing.

In response to this, SmarterDM partnered with Glen Dimplex – the largest UK provider of panel heaters – to design a controllable edition of their devices.

The result – our fully compliant Smarter Panel Heater – allows us to install these across customer sites and connect them onto our wireless network. This enables smart scheduling and control across our cloud-based energy management platform.

The panel heater solution allows us to do the following:

Collect power consumption data to an individual heater level
Collect individual room occupancy data
Collect individual room temperature data
Reduce energy consumption by automated control but also enhance occupant experience
Set different target temperatures for rooms in different states e.g. vacant, active and occupied and active and unoccupied
Continue to give occupants the ability to alter settings but deploy minimum and maximum set point overrides and reset periods to control consumption.

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