Smarter Monitor

We design, manufacture and install our own energy profiling devices.

This is usually the first step we take when working with a business that is looking to understand and reduce its energy consumption.

By installing the energy profiler devices around your site, we can give our customers a wireless submetering solution. This is significantly cheaper than deploying cabled submeters as the installation is non-intrusive.

Energy monitoring provides a far greater insight into how an operation is working and the energy it is consuming.

The data collected will be presented on an online dashboard and offers an overview of your energy consumption by area, equipment, shift or individual distribution board or circuit as required.

Energy monitoring will:

Break down your energy bill to a more granular level
Map the exact cost of your process
Allow you to identify patterns and trends of consumption plus spot anomalies to identify energy wastage
Understand your energy baseload
Help you to build business cases for capital projects to replace old inefficient kit – with your Return On Investment (ROI) based on real data
Compare the consumption on like-for-like equipment and make smarter decisions on how to run your business efficiently
Drive behaviour changes programs at your site and measure the impact – using facts to drive staff engagement

Our monitoring is not just limited to energy consumption. We can read and monitor available data from HVAC systems and give you this remotely.

**We can tell you how when a piece of equipment is in error mode, when filters need changing and how it is running. The setpoints, modes and drive status of the units help you to understand how your equipment is performing from anywhere**

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