Smarter Air Quality

Our newly designed air quality sensor gives customers all the data they need to ensure their buildings are filled with good quality air.

The sensor reads all the key data metrics defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO):

PM1, PM2.5, PM4, & PM10 particulate
VOCs (H2, Ethanol & TVOC)
Air Quality Blend

This mains-powered sensor can sit on our wireless network and we can read the data back to our portal. We then use an algorithm to determine whether the quality of air within your operation hits the required standards. This can be demonstrated with an LED traffic light on the side of the device which will give your air a grading of red, amber or green.

Why is this data so valuable?

You can use the data to drive control of ventilation systems – only ventilate areas when it is necessary to for energy savings and to guarantee optimum air quality
Use the data in tenanted buildings to ensure you are providing sufficient air quality as part of your contract
Demonstrate the quality of your air to encourage employees to return back to office working

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