Formed in 1991, SmarterDM has a heritage as a niche software and hardware development company.

Innovation is and has always been at our core. Our first applications involved linking farmers to grain suppliers through what was at the time a revolution in using mobile technology to measure silo storage levels.

From there, we expanded our product range to make use of the internet in the 2000s and never looked back. At this time, the company started to develop a range of energy management solutions and quickly established a proven track record for delivering significant cost savings to multi-site businesses across the UK.

We are the only SME technology company who can provide an integrated hardware and software solution to meet your energy reduction needs.

Our practical, low-cost, non-intrusive system capitalises on the power of IoT technology and delivers real benefit. It works on one core principle, collecting and consolidating data from multiple systems and creating a common, real-time monitoring portal to allow for intelligent energy management.

Our differentiators

Understand your site’s energy consumption at a granular level
Allow remote monitoring and control of your equipment and energy usage
Reduce energy consumption and spend
Identify and effectively plan maintenance of equipment

Components of our System

Bespoke controls
We deploy or own proprietary IoT hardware to gather insightful data and perform useful control functions with your HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems.
Installation Our in-house installation teams will visit your site to set up your system. Their work is non-intrusive and planned around your site requirements, but retains a personal touch.
Our system is driven from our own wireless network, which we publish at your site to give us an uninterrupted, reliable connection and flow of data.
Bespoke controls
We write bespoke control algorithms specific to your busines to ensure your HVAC systems are controlled around the parameters most important to you.
Our flexible portal gives you the tools to read data back from your site and gives you simple steps to schedule and manage your site equipment.

System benefits

You can ask any of our customers about the value our systems have provided to their business and they may all give you a slightly a different answer.

Our system provides energy savings wherever it is deployed but, beyond this, the benefits we can provide are far reaching.

Data is important to different people for different reasons and provides unique value to every business.

What could our system do for you?

Energy Savings

Drive energy savings by automated control of HVAC systems

Schedule Changes

Allow you to make schedule changes to equipment remotely


Greater insight into your energy consumption by detailed, more sophisticated monitoring than your main utility meters

Comparing Consumption

Give you tools for comparing consumption across multiple sites with league table functionality

Planned Maintenance

Monitor performance of your on-site equipment remotely and move to proactive planned maintenance regimes

Reduce Site Visits

Provide the data to reduce site visits and allow remote fault diagnosis

Alarm Based Notifications

Give you alarm-based notifications for when sites are running outside of desired parameters to enhance exception-based reporting

Monitor Conditions

Monitor environmental conditions across your sites to ensure user comfort

Monitor & Track

Give you tools to monitor and track improvements and reductions at your sites to aid management reporting

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